What can Feldenkrais do for you?


• Posture

• Flexibility

• Coordination

• Balance

• Bone Health

• Confidence

• Power

• Agility

• Speed

• Performance


• Pain

• Stress

• Tension

• Restrictions


• Orthopedic Issues

• Neurologic Challenges

• Developmental Challenges

About Feldenkrais (FELL-den-krice)

The Feldenkrais Method® was founded by physicist and judo expert Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984). His method uses the innate intelligence of the nervous system and developmental processes to improve movement, reduce pain and promote well-being. Based on sound principles of physics, neurology and physiology, it stimulates the body’s organic learning system through gentle touch, novel movements and sensory feedback. Old neuromuscular habit patterns that have created limitations are re-trained — and replaced with healthier, more comfortable patterns of moving, thinking and feeling.

Feldenkrais is recognized for making long term improvements in posture, flexibility and coordination, decreasing pain and tension, reducing movement restrictions, and effectively addressing orthopedic, neurologic and developmental challenges. Deeply relaxing and refreshing, Feldenkrais participants often experience a wonderful quality of smoothness, lightness, freedom & ease in how they move & feel!

Feldenkrais practitioners teach in two basic formats: in group classes known as Awareness Through Movement®  or ATM® classes and as individual hands-on sessions, identified as Functional Integration® sessions.

Feldenkrais-based Programs

The Feldenkrais Method can be applied to virtually every aspect of life and thus has inspired many different programs based on its principles. Well-known Feldenkrais-inspired programs include:

• Bones For Life®

• Walk For Life®

• Change Your Age®

At Movement Options, you don’t have to choose. Shari Lee draws from elements of all different types of Feldenkrais programs, customizing each session to best meet the needs of her students. Shari is a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, a Certified Bones For Life Teacher & Trainer, Walk For Life Teacher, and a Certified Change Your Age instructor.


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