Shari Lee, MS

Shari holds a masters degree in physical education (with an emphasis in environmental education & outdoor recreation and did post-graduate studies in rehabilitation counseling). As an avid athlete with a passion for teaching, Shari launched a career as professional alpine ski instructor in the winters and taught windsurfing during the summers.

She discovered Feldenkrais® the hard way.

Skiing took a toll on her body and a back injury left her in chronic, debilitating pain. When traditional physical therapy didn’t work, she sought out the Feldenkrais Method. Seeing its potential to get her life back, and to help others as well, she fully immersed herself and immediately began the 4-year professional teacher training program. She studied with Dr. Frank Wildman and many others who studied directly with Dr. Feldenkrais. Soon she was teaching Feldenkrais at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), doing presentations at health conferences, corporate wellness programs, health clubs, senior centers, career training programs, and for a variety of organizations.

In 1994, she founded Movement Options. Her studio combines her love of physical activity, adventure travel and outdoor recreation with her passion for teaching Feldenkrais and her joy in seeing others improve.

Today she offers diverse programs, hands-on individual sessions and adventure opportunities that combine the freedom of movement with the freedom, beauty and healing power of the great outdoors.

Shari Lee, MS, GCFP

• Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

• Certified Bones For Life® Teacher & Trainer

• Certified Change Your Age® Teacher

• Certified Walk For Life® Teacher

• Owner, Movement Options LLC

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