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Group Classes

Group Feldenkrais® classes (also known as Awareness Through Movement® or ATM® lessons), involve gentle exercises and movements that mobilize and renew areas of your body that may be stiff, painful or have limited mobility.

Shari guides participants through smooth, easy movement sequences that range from micro-movements to large sweeping actions. She’ll coach you to use less and less effort as you explore these movements in a variety of new ways.

All these simple, exploratory movements are actually doing highly complex work in your brain. They activate new (or forgotten) movement pathways and neurologic connections that produce easier, more efficient ways to move — and to function in general.

The results can be dramatic. From total pain relief to enhanced performance to more energy and a renewed sense of well being, the possibilities are endless.

Classes are suitable for all ages and abilities, including seniors, competitive athletes, musicians and anyone wanting to achieve better health, mobility or performance. Individual goals may include pain relief, improving performance, preventing and recovering from injury, slowing degenerative conditions, building stronger bones, and improving overall enjoyment in the way you move and feel.

Popular Movement Options class themes include:

• Power in Your Stride

• Back Pain Relief

• Perfect Posture

• Better Balance

• Dynamic Sitting

• Paddle Power

• Ski with Ease

• Beat Osteoporosis

• Better Yoga

• Happy Feet

• Flexible Neck & Shoulders

• Move Freely Without Pain

All programs are designed and adapted to meet the group's interests and needs. Classes are offered by the series, but you are welcome to take one at a time.

If you have any questions about classes, schedule or Feldenkrais in general, don’t hesitate to call or email.

Upcoming Classes & Weekend Workshops


MOVE THROUGH LIFE!         February 2018                                                                                                             Tu/Th Weekday Classes         & Weekend Workshop in Anchorage                                                                                           Stimulate the natural intelligence of your brain to reclaim youthful vitality & let your aches & pains melt away through playful, challenging yet effortless, movement!                       

Weekend Workshop  TBA                    

Tues/Thurs Weekday Classes  Discover Freedom, Comfort, Mobility and Reliable Support in Your Neck, Jaw, Shoulders Ribs & Back!                Release tension, stiffness and pain with gently guided movements. Fine tune all your moveable parts to synchronize free and easy moves within your upper body. Reclaim youthful vitality, ease and elegance in the way you move and feel!                           

Tu/Th 11:15-Noon              
Feb. 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27                                $20/class                             


Contact Shari by phone or email to Register & get directions. 


Or call 907-602-1948

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