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Individual Sessions

In individual Feldenkrais “Functional Integration” sessions, Shari uses slow, comfortable touch to gently suggest new movement possibilities that soothe and melt away counter-productive holding patterns that are limiting you. This affords your neuromuscular system a rare opportunity for passive movement in a supportive environment. Drawing from countless strategies developed by Dr. Feldenkrais, each session is unique, as your body learns to identify, activate and reintegrate the use of movement pathways that your unconscious movement habits have been interfering with.

These pain-free, hands-on techniques relieve pain, speed recovery from injury, improve chronic conditions and develop a high level of body awareness, coordination and mobility. Shari may also integrate applicable activities during your individual session that will give you tools to remind your system of the new possibilities that you are cultivating. You will feel refreshed, relaxed and renewed; much like you do after a massage, but with longer lasting benefits because your muscle memory has been retrained to use healthier, more comfortable movement patterns.



• Chronic Aches & Pains

• Stiffness

• Stress & Tension

• Muscle Strain & Spasm

• Posture & Alignment

• Balance & Coordination

• Flexibility & Agility

• Musical & Athletic Abilities

• Recovery from Injury

• Chronic Conditions

• Age-related Decline

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Insurance Billing

Insurance billing for individual Feldenkrais sessions with Shari is offered through:

Avalon Health & Wellness

Dette Avalon, FNP, Functional Medicine Practitioner


Schedule your appointment with Dette. After your initial consultation, she can prescribe Feldenkrais as needed.

Receive a super bill to submit to your health insurance for reimbursement of your office visit and your Feldenkrais sessions with Shari.



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